pu steel wire duct hose

1.Product description 
PU polyurethane duct hose, used for dust collection, light bulk material handling, and clean room applications, is a clear, medium weight, static-dissipative polyurethane hose, reinforced with a bronze-coated spring steel wire helix; it resists chemicals, moisture, abrasion, and tearing, and is very flexible and compressible for easy manipulation and installation. A temperature range of -65 to 225 degrees F makes it suitable for applications such as food preparation and paint spray extraction, and it is conductive to reduce static build-up for bulk material handling and pneumatic conveying applications. This duct hose is clear for viewing interior flow, and it is made from materials that conform to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) Title 21 requirements for use in food-grade farms, food processing applications, and pharmaceuticals. It has a wall thickness of 0.03 inch, and is available with factory-installed 2-inch soft cuffs
2.Characters tics and Application 
Duct hose for dust collection, industrial vacuum cleaning, light bulk material handling, and food preparation.Medium weight static dissipative polyurethane is clear for monitoring flow, reinforced with a bronze-coated spring steel wire helix, and resistant to chemicals, moisture, abrasion, and tearing.Very flexible and compressible for handheld use and easy installation.Suitable for applications with temperatures up to 225 degrees F, such as plastic processing and sand blasting.Made from FDA acceptable materials for use in food preparation plants and pharmaceutical drug handling applications

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