Pressure Test Hose

pressure testing hose

When you need a quick coupling to monitor and control pressure we have what you need! Micro Hose Test Assemblies and Test Point fittings let you test systems at working pressures without tools and check for leaks in multiple spots, are ideal for hydraulic oils and other mineral-based fluids used in off-road mobile equipment.

Recommended For:the nominal diameter of pressure testing hose series HF are 2mm and 3mm. With a maximum working pressure 64Mpa, the pressure testing hose is used in hydraulic systems for testing pressure and conducting the fluid medium. The pressure testing hose assembly series HF is used in conjunction with the couplings.
Reinforcement:Fiber or Kevlar
Cover:PA or PU
Temperature Range: -40℉ to +250℉ (-40℃ to +120℃)